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Thanks to a global vision and specialization of our team of work, in WM Spare Parts we help to obtain effective solutions according to its needs

Our services include:

  • To manage and to optimize the processes of buy, supply and logistics.
  • To optimize the chain of supply.
  • To manage into a integral way the supply logistics.
  • To centralize storage and distribution automotive spare parts.
  • To guarantee the traceability of shipments.
  • To proceed with the required paperwork.
  • Own staff availability in the processes of reception, preparation and mailing of goods, liberating from the above mentioned tasks to our clients.
  • To prepare and to complete products catalogs.
  • To collaborate in the development of new markets.

Multiple benefits are obtained with the implementation of an external logistic platform, among others:

  • To optimize the chain of supply.
  • Quality of management.
  • Liberation of the above mentioned tasks to the client.
  • Progress of the efficiency and cost reduction.


The process of management of a purchase and supply platform comprises:

  • Operative management of a warehouse dedicated to the storage of the automotive spare parts acquired for our customers.
  • Fully optimal activity development.
  • Contribution of highly specialized staff along with the most reliable and optimal solution of shipment that fully covers the expectations of our customers.


  • Our highly specialized staff in the field of purchases will accompany you in its project during the whole process.
  • Our know-How and extended experience allows us to identify, in every case, the most technologically suitable and reliable manufacturer, assuring a 100% completely satisfying project.
  • Continuous improvement in seeking the more efficient way into the purchases area and hiring of services of logistics.

Our services include:

  • Search of the products that reach the customer quality needs along with the most reasonable cost.
  • Negotiation with manufacturers about prices and procedures costs.
  • Weekly visits to the factories before and during the production process.
  • Quality controls during the different stages to assure the traceability.
  • Seeking of the more suitable procedures for every customer and project.
  • Verification of the quality certifications of the needed suppliers.
  • Comprehensive advice and standardization of the purchases processes and supply.



WM Spare Parts will help you to obtain advantages in the execution of the following activities:

  • Reception and complete management of the order of purchase.
  • Quotation of the requested spare parts in a term not over 10 days.
  • Payment management with suppliers in order to guarantee full refund from payment to the client in the case of non quality requirement compliance from the spare parts.
  • Quality controls during all the manufacturing process, from the raw material reception up to the packaging stage (full traceability) informing about every stage to our clients, everything accompanied by photos.
  • Storage and safe keeping of parts / materials.
  • Shipment management.
  • Maximum logistic efficiency.
  • Quality of management and reliability of the supply.
WM Spare Parts Events

INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico City
July from 10 to 12, 2019.

MIMS Automechanika Moscow
August from 26 to 29, 2019.

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