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More than 20 years of experience at the service of our customers.

Purchase and Logistic Service

“Our strength is commitment and our 
commitment is the customer”

We provide customer oriented tailored solutions conceived to optimize the logistics with a flexibleprocurement and logistic

management approach.


Our company is a leading logistic management  player with more then 25 years of experience in automotive spare parts supply for LATAM and MERCOSUR markets.


Pricing is always the most relevant aspect, thus we offer proactive pricing optimization support allowing to maximize customer profits.


We leverage our own brands to create an authentic and differentiated customer experience by offering high quality products with an effective price-quality balance.


The success of our Logistic Platform for the 
automotive spare parts supply is based on 
the exploitation of the lean logistics model.


Our approach is to grant traceability of quality for any step of the logistics  process, starting from the part production and closing with the delivery to the customer.

Our Brands:
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